We Care About Celebrating Everyday Magic.

We Care About Creating Lasting Memories.

We Care About Cultivating A Culture Of Kindness. 

Our beginnings were humble and Bingley Park was started as a means of creating with intention while slowing down in the wild and wonderful Chinese city of Ningbo, in which I had found myself. As you can imagine there was very little in the lines of consciously made goods so it became my focus to provide the community with a product that reminded us to be kind; to each other, to our environment and to ourselves. 

Our jewellery seeks to add magic to your everyday wardrobe and serve as a talisman on your daily journey.

All pieces are handmade in Cape Town, South Africa, where we are currently riding out the COVID wave.

Summer 2017 and humidity is high, sandwiched between the Sakura trees and a TCM hospital, tinkering away in a tower in the sky is me, readying myself for my very first Chinese market. 

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